Monday, May 23, 2011

Postcards around the states...

Jason is big into geography and especially the states. We've decided to do a little project: see if we can manage to get a postcard sent to us from all 50 states. If you live in a state... and are willing to send a post card to us... please check our list below and contact me at robinlaroy (at) if you need our address. I'll fill in the list when we've received that state or know it's coming. In return, we are sending post cards to everyone that sends us a new state, so include your return address!

  • Alabama- **received**
  • Alaska- **received**
  • Arizona-**received**
  • Arkansas- **received**
  • California- **received**
  • Colorado- **received**
  • Connecticut-**received**
  • Delaware-**received**
  • Florida- **received**
  • Georgia- **received**
  • Hawaii- **received**
  • Idaho- **received**
  • Illinois- **received**
  • Indiana- **received**
  • Iowa-**received**
  • Kansas-~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LAST ONE!!!
  • Kentucky- **received**
  • Louisiana-**received**
  • Maine-**received**
  • Maryland- **received**
  • Massachusetts- **received**
  • Michigan-**received**
  • Minnesota- **received**
  • Mississippi- **received**
  • Missouri- **received**
  • Montana-**received**
  • Nebraska- **received**
  • Nevada-**received**
  • New Hampshire- **received**
  • New Jersey- **received**
  • New Mexico- **received**
  • New York- **received**
  • North Carolina-**received**
  • North Dakota- **received**
  • Ohio- **received**
  • Oklahoma-**received**
  • Oregon- **received**
  • Pennsylvania-**received**
  • Rhode Island- **received**
  • South Carolina- **received**
  • South Dakota-**received**
  • Tennessee- **received**
  • Texas- **received**
  • Utah- **received**
  • Vermont- **received**
  • Virginia- **received**
  • Washington- **received**
  • Washington DC- **received*
  • West Virginia-**received**
  • Wisconsin-**received**
  • Wyoming- **received**
To see pictures, click here and here and here and here.


The Mann Family said...

Jen said she can get you a Washington DC and a Virginia one. I'll give her your address and she said she'll get them out when she gets back to DC in a week.

Sonal said...

Hey noticed you have California and Florida pending- did you not recieve the San Fran postcard we sent? We sent it at the same time that we sent the GA one! Also, my cousin in Michigan was going to send you Florida two weeks ago - have you not gotten that one yet either?

Robin said...

Hi Sonal, We just got Florida, sent inside an unmarked envelope and not written on. Jason says it doesn't count cause the postmark is from Michigan. He's a stickler! I want to count it.

And we got your California. Thanks! We've been really busy and I hadn't updated the blog with all the states that came in the last week.

karen said...

I can send one from West Virginia.
Send addess via email to