Saturday, June 18, 2011

Here we all are hanging out at Aunt Izzy's house one last time.

Left to right... Sandy, (front) Mitchell, Tami, Aunt Izzy, (front) Cristen, Robin with Jason, Aunt Louise, Dave, Grammy, and Grandpa Bob. Sophie, being that she is two years old, strapped herself in the car and refused to get out for a picture. Did I mention she is two?

Of course, we all have tears in our eyes here.

Here's my beautiful 89 year old Aunt Izzy petting her cat, B.W., with Sophie.

I love these chairs under a tree in her yard. I can remember staying at Aunt Izzy's house as a kid and exploring her yard and sitting in these chairs.

Here's Aunt Iz, Aunt Louise, and Grammy chatting on the back deck.

Another thing I can remember is her china cabinet. I am not sure why, but I just always remember liking it.

Here's the kids and daddy playing in the yard.

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