Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A few weeks ago, the kids and I picked out seeds for this year's garden, and ordered them. I had yet to plant them due to lack of space to plant them in. And I was not looking forward to putting up grow lights in my basement and using all the electricity on them. After cleaning out a few bins of hand-me-down clothes for my kids, I had an idea...

...turn this storage bin into a greenhouse!

I happened to have two 96 quart storage containers empty in my basement, so I used those. Turn them upside down, so the lid is the bottom of the greenhouse.

And I had been saving paper egg cartons, for a while, to plant in. First, I broke my cartons apart.

Then, I enlisted some help filling the bottom half of the egg cartons with dirt.

And I had pterosaurs flying by to protect me from predators.

Next, we planted the seeds and labeled the cartons appropriately.

My little helper watered them.

Then, snap the lids on and I have two greenhouses!

We ran out of egg cartons for the second greenhouse and improvised with some leftover dixie cups from making crafts. If it's getting down below freezing at night, I plan on throwing a picnic blanket on them or bring them inside temporarily.

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Sue said...

What an awesome idea! I always used to start seedlings on my kitchen counter with grow lights, but now I need that space for other things. This might actually motivate me to clean out my kids' clothing bins. I use the exact same ones.