Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sophie requested a wormy birthday party this year!  
Instead of cake, I made dirt pudding.  A large one for the adults and the kids each got their own.  Everything was free of refined sugar and homemade from scratch, including the worms!
Sophie ate with Aunt Evey.  
She told me after the party she LOVE-LOVE-LOVE-LOVES Aunt Evey!
The kids all painted with fishing bait worms.
Here's Sophie making her worm-sterpiece.
And a friend showing off his messy hand when he's done.
Next, the kids hunted for real worms outside.  
First, they filled their containers with dirt.
Next, they turned over logs and rocks in the yard to find worms.
Everyone got to take worms home with them.  That was the party favor!
And, finally, here's our big birthday girl with her cake.
After the party, she stripped off her dress and tried on her new hat!
Happy Birthday Sophie!

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